About Boulder Universal

    Our School

    Boulder Universal is BVSD's online school, offering virtual classes for K-12. Boulder Universal is accredited with the Colorado Department of Education. E​very student receives quality differentiated content, support from a mentor and counselor, and academic assistance from the best instructors in the online teaching community.​  

    Our Program

    Boulder Universal serves a wide variety of students such as kids with individualized learning needs or homeschooling students who are looking for more academic support​. Many BU students are pursuing professional lifestyles including athletes, performers, musicians, singers and entrepreneurs. Some are interested in an alternative learning platform other than their large brick and mortar school. We provide an in person, drop-in computer lab where students can meet one on one with teachers to receive personalized tutoring, conduct science experiments, and complete coursework in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Our program offers all students a path to be flexible, to be challenged and above all to be themselves.

    Our Mission

    The mission of Boulder Universal is to support a diverse community of learners engaged in an academically challenging, personalized learning environment that inspires them to pursue their goals with confidence.​​​