​​Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Boulder Universal Online School.

    What is Boulder Universal?

    Boulder Universal (BU) was launched in 2010 as BVSD’s first online school for students in grades K-12. BU is a school that students can enroll in either full-time or a hybrid enrollment. BU receives state funding for enrolled students and provides a wide array of courses for a broad spectrum of students.  All BU classes are delivered online. They are fun, interactive and involve many of the same technologies students already use outside of school. Although the coursework is delivered via the internet, students engage and interact with an actual teacher and other students in a virtual setting.  In addition to a faculty that excels in their content areas and who represent the best in the online teaching community, our online mentors and counselors provide unparalleled guidance and assistance to students throughout their enrollment.

    What is a hybrid enrollment?

    This form of enrollment is a mix of classes between the student’s home school and Boulder Universal.  The student, parent or guardian, BU administration, and the home school administration must all be in agreement in order to select this option. There are different course configurations: 3 classes at BU and 3 classes at the home school is the most common.  However, 4 and 3 may also be a hybrid option in special cases.  Flexible scheduling is a priority for Boulder Universal. Please contact the home school counselor or administrator to begin this choice of enrollment.  More options may be discussed at the Registration Appointment.  Please visit our Enrollment Page for more details.

    Who can enroll at Boulder Universal?

    Boulder Universal is open to any BVSD student entering grades K-12.  Online classes are open to everyone, however, students who typically have the most success in the online environment are those who are self-motivated, organized, and looking to do school differently. Current BVSD students may apply for an Administrative Transfer from the home school to Boulder Universal once the Registration Appointment has taken place.  Please visit our Enrollment Page for more details.

    How do I enroll at Boulder Universal?

    Our Enrollment Page provides all the details.  At the registration meeting with an administrator or counselor, courses and a plan of study will be discussed. Each student is assigned a mentor who acts as a liaison, and is the first point of contact for the student. A teacher is assigned for each course and this teacher is the contact for course curriculum.

    What computer equipment will I need?

    Any computer that can easily access typical internet websites and has Microsoft Office (or equivalent) will be sufficient for Boulder Universal. A dial-up connection is the minimum speed required to view course material, but as in most cases, the faster the connection speed, the easier it is to navigate the curriculum. If internet or computer access is difficult, any student is welcome to come to the Boulder Universal Computer Lab.  For more  specific requirements please refer to the Technology Website.

    How do I get started in the courses?

    Once enrolled in Infinite Campus as a Boulder Universal student, the student (and parent, if requested) will receive an email from the mentor with passwords and codes to access the course.  This email should be kept handy throughout the course so passwords and codes are accessible.

    Is there a physical space for me to work in?

    Yes, Boulder Universal Computer Lab is available at 6600 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, CO  80303 in portable 4 for all BU students to use.

    How many classes can I take?

    Boulder Universal students can take 12 classes each year.

    How long do I have to complete a course?

    At the time the schedule is built, a start and end date for courses will be set. Please see our​​ deadlines page or refer to the BU calendar for Session start and end dates.

    When can students take Advanced Placement® tests?

    AP® is controlled by The College Board and the exams are offered only one time a year, usually the first part of May.

    Are textbooks required for online courses?

    Most likely not. All of the curriculum and text is embedded in the course. There are some courses (mostly AP®) that require a textbook (available by checkout from the mentor). There are a couple of classes that require the student to read a novel. It is the family’s responsibility to pick up a copy of that novel at their local bookstore or library.

    Do Boulder Universal classes cost money?

    No, if your student is enrolled at Boulder Universal. Boulder Universal students can take up to twelve classes each year at no cost.

    What type of support is available for students with an IEP or 504?

    Many of the accommodations contained within an IEP or 504 are inherent in online learning. Please see our Online Accommocations​ for more information. Our staff will also help meet student needs on an individual basis, via phone, email, or in person. 

    What type of support is available for English Language Learners?

    In addition to the Boulder Universal Student Support Lab, our staff is trained to work with English Language Learners and supply the appropriate accommodations within the course work.  In each credit recover class, students will have access to a reading assistive device contained within the course.

    How do Science Labs work in an online class?

    Contrary to many expectations, carrying out science labs online is quite easy. Instead of being given a bunch of chemicals, lab coats, and safety goggles, students conduct virtual labs in which they mix various virtual chemicals to see what may result. Students might also be instructed to watch a video of a scientist performing the same demonstration they would receive from their high school teacher. In some cases, labs can be conducted using basic household goods such as salt, vinegar, and baking soda (don’t worry though, it won’t make that big a mess).

    How will my grade get on my transcript?

    After each course is completed, the final grade is submitted to the registrar and posted on the transcript.

    Can I take a course as a 12th grader that I should have taken as a 9th grader?

    Yes.  A course may be taken at any time during your high school years.

    What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    A LMS is the software used to create, store, and deliver online courses and the related data, such as grades. These are the same web based systems that students access to complete their online classes. 

    For any additional questions, please call the main office, 720-561-5500.