School Improvement Plan

    ​​​​​​​​Boulder Universal is committed to offering a very personalized learning experience for our students.

    ​We need your voice! 

    Our School Accountability Committee (SAC) will host a meeting to receive input from our learning community.  We would like you to be a part of this collaboration.  We are eager to share our plans for your student’s success and to hear your recommendations for improvement.  We look forward to working together for Student Success!

    Please see the School Improvement Parent Letter for all the details.​​

     SAC Meeting Dates

    Thursday, September 24 at 3pm-4pm

    Thursday, October 29 at 11am-12pm

    BoulderUniversalUIP-2013-14.pdf2013-20142013-14 UIP for Boulder Universal
    BoulderUniversalUIP-2014-15.pdf2014-20152014-15 UIP for Boulder Universal

    ​You can participate in these meeting either in person or through our online webinar.  The in-person session will be held in the Boulder Universal conference room, Portable #3.  We will also post directions for the live webinar there a few days before the meeting.   Please RSVP to Marcia Burns who will send additional meeting details.  Call our office at 720-561-5500 if you have any questions.