Patty Martin

    Langauge Arts Teacher

    Language Arts
    ​​​​​​​Hello!  I’m Mrs. Martin and I’m excited to see you in class.  I grew up in Boulder (went to Burbank then Fairview back in the day), and love the fun aspects of B-town.  In 1992, I left Boulder to travel around the US, Latin America, and Europe before going to college, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Literature and History then completed my master’s degree in Communication and Writing.  

    Apparently I hadn’t satiated my desire to learn because I also earned master’s certificates in Secondary Education, Creative Writing, and Educational Leadership.  Previously I worked in publishing and as a professional writer before joining Americorp as a literacy volunteer; I loved the job so much that I stayed and have been an educator ever since.  In my mind, there is no more important field of work than education; people improve themselves as individuals and as community members by challenging our thoughts, broadening our minds, and pushing our learning to new heights.  I am here to help you set your own goals, walk your own path, and realize your personal potential.​