Course Catalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=6991{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}A06Exploratory ArtIn Exploratory Art, students experiment with a variety of media to create visual art. Characteristics and expressive features of art (elements of art and principles of design) are emphasized in two‐dimensional and three‐dimensional work. The development and application of basic techniques, skills and technology are stressed. Students learn to respect their own and others ideas, artistic expressions and personal style as they objectively analyze and evaluate works of art. Art history and culture studies will focus on regions within the 6th grade, social studies curriculum. Additional cultures that are not addressed in the 6th grade social studies curriculum may also be included.1Middle Level Credit6th;#varyArtN/ANo5.00000000000000 Course Catalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=7151{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}A27Middle School Photography"A picture is worth a thousand words.” Photographs play an important role in our world today. We photograph to preserve memories, document events, and create artistic works. This course introduces students to the basics of photography, including camera functions and photo composition. Students will learn what it takes to create a good photograph and how to improve photographs of animals, people, and vacations. They will also begin working with their photographs using photo-editing software. Through a variety of assigned projects, students will engage their creativity by photographing a range of subjects and learning to see the world through the lens of their cameras.1Middle Level Credit7th;#8th;#1 SemesterArtN/ANo10.0000000000000