Academic Planning

    ​​​​​It is important for students to take charge of their own education.  We encourage students to understand why they are taking the courses they are taking and be able to plan their next steps.

     For Middle School Students:

    ​​​You will be a 21st Century Graduate when you finish with your K-12 studies in BVSD.  It is important for you to understand the High School Graduation Requirements as well so that you know how the classes you are ta​king in middle school will impact you when you get to high school.

     For High School Students:

    ​​All students must earn 220 credits and meet all of the graduation requirements in order to graduate.  For more details on the requirements, please visit the: 

    As a part of the Money Management Graduation Requirements, students have the option to complete the course online.  See below for more details:​
    ~ Online Money Management Course