Letter of Recommendation Request

    ​​​It is important that each letter of recommendation you submit to be unique so that a potential college learns as much about you as possible.

    When requesting a letter of recommendation guide each person as to what you would like them to write about you. You want your essay and each of your letters of recommendation to paint a nice, well rounded picture of you.

    Click here to go to the request form.Click here to request a letter of reccomendation

    In order to request a letter of recommendation, fill out the request form. Email the request form to your teacher, mentor, or counselor 2 WEEKS before it is due. Each letter takes time to write and in order to avoid having a ‘form letter’ sent – you will want each person to have ample time to review your request and write an indivi​dualized letter.

    Make sure to follow up the request with a thank you note or email.